We’re shaping the future of retail financing and customer engagement every day. How? We combine technology and analytics to stay ahead of emerging trends, then pilot new programs and partnerships to deliver innovative solutions fast.

Synchrony mApply
Our dApply product allows shoppers to securely apply for credit on their mobile devices and access their approved credit line within minutes.  Mobile credit applications have grown by more than 60% from 2015 to 2016.
Synchrony mService
Our mService product, which allows customers to pay bills and service their accounts on their mobile devices, saw usage increasing by 75% over the past two years.
Synchrony Digital Card
Our digital card—a proprietary digital version of a credit card—enables in-store account lookup and mobile payments. This digital card seamlessly integrates with our mService product and is device agnostic, with no new hardware or mobile application needed. Launched in 2015, the CareCredit digital card has helped drive increased activations and transactions across retailers, merchants and service providers.
Synchrony Movile Wallet Platform
Our mobile wallet platform is designed with customers in mind. Through our ongoing innovation and strategic partnerships, we have developed a digital platform that we can rapidly integrate with providers’ wallets, while preserving the value of our private label credit cards and patented Dual CardsTM for whichever digital wallet our partners and customers choose.

Our Synchrony Plug-in (SyPI™) is a native credit feature that plugs into a retailer’s mobile app and allows cardholders to easily shop, redeem rewards, and securely manage and make payments to their accounts with their smartphones. Approximately $360 million in credit bill payments have been processed through the app and we have had over 20 million visits to the plug-in since launch.

Innovation Stations

A huge component of this success is driven by our Innovation Stations: talented, cross-functional teams focused on emerging technology, ideation and agile development of new products. Our rapid-prototyping sessions and other engagements develop new solutions for our partners and customers.

Stamford, CT

Leading development of mobile payments, wallets, user designs, and banking

Kettering, OH

Building and optimizing B2B and B2C digital platforms to create stronger customer engagement for our partners

Chicago, IL

Expanding our analytics capabilities, delivering actionable insights